When it introduced Pixel, Google also thought of an excellent deal: totally free, unrestricted storage space of images from your phone. There’s no such thing as a Pixel 4, however customers were stunned to find that the apple iphone can. To his shock, he also discovered that Google is using this.

The latter likewise produced a trouble for Google. Only Google offered, without recognizing, unrestricted storage space, at the best resolution, for images from iPhone pulled in HEIC.

Learnt about this thing recently, when users found that Pixel 4 no longer includes unrestricted photo storage space in Photos. The retreat came from the means the compression system in Photos was made. Given that HEIC occupies less area than a JPG file compressed by Google, at unrestricted upload, the formula has presumed that HEIC is fine.

When it concerns storage space, that’s fine. Just that has actually made Google offer an unexpected option fixed on the apple iphone.

Google says it will certainly fix the error

Now that he has learnt about this, the company declares he will certainly not leave things in this way. “We recognize concerning this pest and we’re dealing with a service for it,” Google commented on the scenario. This will not restore unlimited storage space for Pixel, but it will take it for iPhone users as well.

When you back up your images to Photos, you have 2 choices: official or compressed version. The former is endless, the latter limited to how much room you have in One. As well as, well, everyone wants endless, but likewise to the best high quality, for this reason the delight of apple iphone users.

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